Special Hello!Pro Kenshuusei (特別なプロ !プロ研修) is a group of  former Hello!Project Foreigners that were transferred to the Hello!Pro Kenshuusei,or foreign girls that were added to the Hello Pro Kenshuusei originally.

Although they do perform in most of the Hello Pro Kenshuusei's mini lives,they have their own lives,under the title "Genkiyoukai" (元気妖怪). They also have their own variety shows,Super Special! Tamago Jikan and Ohayo! Special Egg Jidai.

Current Members

Third Generation (2013)

  • Diana (Nickname: Dia)
  • Macilly Gao (Nickname: Maci-chan)
  • Li Zun (Nickname: Zunnie)
  • Annette Dubois (Nickname: Anete)

Fourth Generation (2014)

  • Isabel Abate (Nickname: Isachan)
  • Wang Jie (Nickname: JiJi)

Fifth Generation (2015)

  • Caroline Baxton (Nickname: Cacchan)
  • Amy Tyler (Nickname: Mupon)
  • Ruby Perez (Nickname: Rubi)
  • Laura Muller (Nickname: Lala)
  • Daihui Hina (Nickname: Hina)

Sixth Generation (2015)

  • Ashlynn Bell (Nickname: Bella)
  • Min-seo Gim (Nickname: Gimi-chan)
  • Arabella Lincoln (Nickname: Aran)

Seventh Generation (2016)

  • Lily Prescott (Nickname: Lily)
  • Abigail Forester (Nickname: Acchan)

Former Members

First Generation (2010)

Second Generation (2013)

  • Chen Mia (Nickname: CheChe) (Promoted to GALAXY STARS, July 29, 2015)
  • Emily Denten (Nickname: Densama) (Promoted to GALAXY STARS, July 29, 2015)
  • Zou Kia (Nickname: Ze-Chan) (Promoted to GALAXY STARS, July 29, 2015)

Third Generation (2013)

  • Anna Aliyev (Nickname: Ann) (Promoted to GALAXY STARS, July 29, 2015)

Fourth Generation (2014)

  • Marisol Roux (Nickname: Mariri) (Promoted to UNITY, May 13, 2017)

  • Anu Aalto  (January 17, 2013)
  • Tang Rose (September 1, 2014)
  • Xiao Yiya (September 1, 2014)
  • Angiola Gisella (December 18, 2014)



In April, five girls from the Foreigners program were placed into the Special Kenshuusei program.


On January 17, Anu Aalto withdrew from the program.

Four new girls were added to the program.

On April 30, Zoeng Biyu debut into Shiko Jikan, making her the first Special Kenshuusei to debut.

Seven girls from the Foreigners were added to the program.


On July 13, Juliet graduated from the Special Kenshuusei to debut into the group Ka-wa-ii!.

On July 17, Akami announced that, after two years of it's initial performance, Love Trails would become the first indies single for the Special Kenshuusei.


Indies Singles

  • [2014.09.01] Love Trails
  • [2015.04.28] Anata no Kettei wa Bonus! (あなたの決定は、ボーナス!)

Original Songs


  • The first generation and third generation members were originally from the Hello!Project Foreigners.However,the second generation was added through auditions,after Anu Aalto left.
  • Their mascot is an "energetic skull".
  • Usually, two girls are chosen to perform as back up dancers.

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