Sunshine De La Cruz

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 Sunshine De La Cruz (Japanese: デ·ラ·クルスサンシャイン; De La Cruz Sunshine) is a current second generation member of Hello! Project girl group LOVE Musume.


Name: Sunshine De La Cruz

Nicknames: Sunshine-chan, Sunny, GO!Shine

Birthdate: October 3, 1997 (Age: 18)

Birthplace: Isabela, Luzon, Philippines

Charmpoint: Her dimples

Weakpoint: Gets irritated easily

Favorite Foods: Crispy pata, chicken adobo, teriyaki

Least Favorite Foods: Bitter melon, sardines, leeks

Favorite Things About Her Hometown: Dibulo Falls & Bonsai Park

Favorite Subject: History

Least Favorite Subject: Physical Education

Motto: "Mas masaya sa Pilipinas!...Ngunit, masaya din sa Japan!" (Filipino for: "It's more fun in the Philippines!...But, Japan is fun too!")

Favorite English Word: Philippines

LOVE Musume Color: Yellow

Favorite Filipina Artist: Yeng Constantino

Favorite Flower: Calla lily

Favorite Yeng Constantino Song: "Hawak Kamay"

Favorite LOVE Musume Song: "Iro Kaiten"

  • Hello! Project Groups:
  • LOVE Musume


  • She is half-Japanese on her mother's side and Filipino on her father's side.
  • She has lived in the Philippines since her birth through her tenth year, then moved to Tokyo there after.
  • Although she is LOVE Musume's third foreign member, she is also required to take daily Japanese lessons with first generation members, Kimberly Park and Mei Liu; in order to increase her fluency in the language.
  • She has two younger siblings; a sister named Jasmine and a brother named Ryo.
  • If she wasn't in LOVE Musume; she would continue life with her family back in the Philippines.


  1. [2014.??.??] Tenso no Dai Machigai  (as Ruby Corazon)

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