Suteki Project (素敵プロジェクト; Lovely Project) is the umbrella name for all female idol Japanese Pop recording artists collective that are under contract with UP-FRONT, and was created to rival DreamS. It was created in 2011. The mothership of Suteki Project is Urban Rise (U-Rise), being the first group created. It is also one of the sister groups of Hello!Project. As of June 2013, Suteki Project moved under @1.  


In 2011, Tsunku decided that with the success of DreamS, he was to give the groups under DreamS more pressure by creating a rival project for them. He named this project, "Suteki Project" because he wanted this group to be filled with loveliness and wanted them to overcome obstacles with ease. He held auditions and took in 24 girls, and put them individually into the groups that make up Suteki Project. As of now, there are 5 groups and 3 soloists.

Current Groups


  • Urban Rise  (U-Rise) (Group Color: Purple)
  • Happeace! 
  • Tokki Gisa
  • Star Seiza
  • ColorXMelody


  • Nakagawa Haruhi
  • Yamamoto Kotone
  • Sakamoto Mariko



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