THE HAPPIEST TIME! (Japanese Title: 幸せな時間!;Chinese Title:最快乐的时光!) is the Hello!Project group Happy Jikan 's third and current variety show. The show first aired March 3,2012 in Japan on TV Tokyo,and aired March 4,2012 on CCTV-8 in China.

Each episode is focused on one or two different members,and certain members are chosen to be featured in each episode.

The show airs Saturdays on TV Tokyo at 6 pm in Japan,and Sundays on CCTV-8 at 4 pm in China.


In HaJi,China,different chinese idols meet (Happy Jikan) and atleast one or two of them have a dilemma,and it is up to the girls to solve them. Other times,the girls meet different people of different proffesions and they learn the important of having a good career,in hopes of figuring out what they want to do after they are through with being idols. In the last ten minutes of the show, a game is played and the losers of the game has to do whatever one of the winners want them to do.

Featured Members

  • Katashi (Host #1)
  • Sawayaka Goro (Host #2)
  • Hoi Daiyu
  • Wang Dao Ming
  • Wu Jiao
  • Aoi Xiao
  • Sun Fang
  • Zheng Mei
  • Joe Song
  • Hsaoi Zhe
  • Bui Shun
  • Peng Shan
  • Tang Juan
  • Lin Ju
  • Lee Mia
  • Long Haru
  • Rei Meifei

Former Members On The Show

  • Zheng May Ai (Last Appearance: November 29/30, 2014)
  • Zeng Yun (Last Appearance: November 29/30, 2014)
  • Suzume (Last Appearance: July 2/3, 2016) 


  • HaJi,China Introduction
  • Member's Issue of The Day/The Instructor Visits!
  • Solve The Problem!/Try it Out!
  • The Exam (Instructor Episodes Only)
  • HaJi's Game
  • Single Performance


  • This is one of the most popular shows in Asia.
  • The Japanese and Chinese episodes are different from each other,and both focus on a different subject.
  • Wishes members Katashi and Suzume participate as the hosts of the games and sometimes the instructors for the episodes.

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