Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume (Just Dream,Dream,Dream) is the debut single of Hello!Project group Tropical Ongaku.It was released March 29,2013,in the following editions: two regular,three limited editions,and one Single V.The Single V was April 12,2013.


Regular Edition A

  1. Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume
  2. BAREBARE I LOVE YOU (Obviously,I LOVE YOU!;Up Up Girls cover)
  3. Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume (instrumental)

Regular Edition B

  1. Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume
  2. Ai ni Ai wa Desho (Love for Love,Right?;Berryz Koubou Cover,Etsuko Mika and Goto Naomi)
  3. Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume (instrumental)

Limited Edition A


  1. Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume
  2. Rocket Power!Hit This Sky! (Iina Shige solo)
  3. Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume (instrumental)


  1. Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume (Dance shot ver.)
  2. Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume (Golden ver.)

Limited Edition B


  1. Tada no Yume,Yume Yume
  2. Mada kono kimyona sekai... (Yet this strange world...;Kawaichi Madoka solo)
  3. Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume (instrumental)


  1. Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume (Another ver.)
  2. Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume (Golden ver.)

Single V

  1. Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume (MV)
  2. Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume (Sunset ver.)
  3. Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume (Disco Dance ver.)
  4. Making of (メイキング映像)

Featured Members

  • Kawaichi Madoka,Etsuko Mika,Iina Shige,Goto Naomi

Song Information

  • Tada no Yume,Yume,Yume
    • Written By: Tsunku
    • Arrangement: AKIRASTAR
    • Keyboard: Katashi
    • Chorus: Etsuko Mika,Kawaichi Madoka
    • Vocals:
      • Iina Shige and Goto Naomi (main vocals)
      • Kawaichi Madoka and Etsuko Mika (center vocals)
  • BAREBARE I Love You
    • Lyrics: NOBE
    • Arrangement: michitomo
    • Vocals:
      • Iina Shige and Etsuko Mika (main vocals)
      • Kawaichi Madoka and Goto Naomi (minor vocals)
  • Ai ni Ai wa Desho
    • Lyrics: Tsunku
    • Arrangement: Hirata Shoichiro
    • Chorus: CHINO
    • Vocals:
      • Etsuko Mika and Goto Naomi (main vocals)
  • Rocket Power!Hit This Sky!
    • Lyrics: Tsunku
    • Arrangement: Akami
    • Piano: Iina Shige
    • Vocals:
      • Iina Shige (main vocals)
  • Mada kono kimyona sekai...
    • Lyrics: Tsunku & Kawaichi Madoka
    • Arrangement: Akami
    • Guitar: Suzume
    • Vocals:
      • Kawaichi Madoka (main vocals)


  • Iina Shige's solo is mainly piano music,but there are a toal of 10 lines sung,through the song.
  • This is Kawaichi's first single as leader of Tropical Ongaku.
  • The single reached #1 on it's first day,selling 28,970 copies.
  • Tropical Ongaku covers two songs:
    1. BAREBARE I LOVE YOU by Up Up Girls (Kari)
    2. Ai ni Ai wa Desho by Berryz Koubou members Tsugunaga Momoko and Natsuyaki Miyabi
  • "Mada kono kimyona sekai..." is talking about Kawaichi's experiences on earth,and is meant to be a funny song.
  • This is Tropical Ongaku's debut single.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Ranking Sales
-- -- -- --  1  3 4      2 30,100
8 7 5 11 3 1 1      2 10,890
13 11 11 7

Total Reported Sales: 40,990*

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