Tang Juan
Tang Juan


JJ,Blue Jay (藍傑)


March 6, 1999 (1999-03-06) (age 18)


Hsinchu City,Taiwan


Chinese Pop, Japanese Pop



Years Active



BH Records

Associated Acts

Happy Jikan, MORNING JIKAN, Spring Breeze, Hello!Project Foreigners

 Juan Tang (唐娟) was born March 6, 1999.Tang is a current member of Happy Jikan's eigth generation and is a former 5th generation member of the Hello!Project Foreigners.

Tang was introduced as a member of the Hello!Project Foreigners January 5, 2013,at the Hello! Project Tanjou 15 Shuunen Kinen Live 2013 Fuyu ~Bravo!~ concert.



Tang participated in the Happy Jikan seventh generation auditions.She made it to the finals,but lost to Zeng Yun,Joe Song,Hsaoi Zhe,and Bui Shun.


During the Hello!Project winter 2013 concert,Tang was introduced as a fifth generation member of the Hello!Project Foreigners,alongside 3 other finalists of the Happy Jikan seventh generation auditions.

It was revealed that Tang Juan is current participating in Happy Jikan's eigth generation auditions.Her audition song was "Rival" by Berryz Koubou. She passed the Happy Jikan auditions with Lin Ju and Lee Mia.


  • Name: Tang Juan (唐娟)
  • Nicknames: Jay-Jay,Blue Jay (藍傑)
  • Birthplace: Hsinchu City, Taiwan
  • Birthdate: March 6, 1999 (1999-03-06) (age 18)
  • Bloodtype: O
  • Height: 152 cm
  • Hello!Project Status
    • 2013-01-05 Member
    • 2013-01-05 Foreigner
    • 2013-04-10 Foreigner Graduated
    • 2013-04-10 Happy Jikan Member
    • 2013-04-10 Member
  • Happy Jikan Color:
    • Light Green(2013-2014)
    • Dark Blue(2014-present)
  • Hello!Project Groups



  • [2013.05.01] Greeting ~Tang Juan~  (e-Hello! DVD)

Discography Featured In


TV Programs


  • [2013-] Happy Jikan 8ki RADIO
  • [2013-] JUAN Taimu! (FC Radio Show)


  • She is currently learning Judo.
  • Tsunku said that ever since the Happy Jikan seventh generation auditions,Tang improved in her singing and performing skills.
  • Tang's favorite song to dance to is MIRAI LOVE by Happy Jikan.
  • Tang wants to cut her hair as short as Kudo Haruka's,but her parents won't allow her to.
  • Tang was known as the "tomboy" of the Hello!Project Foreigners,and is currently known as the "tomboy" of Happy Jikan.
  • Tang is close friends with Jhen Rose, Kaga Kaede, and Lee Mia.
  • In her blog,she said that she would like to form a unit with Kaga Kaede.
  • Ruo Long describes Tang as "strong and outgoing".
  • Tang is the first member of the Hello!Project Foreigners to be Taiwanese.
  • She is called "Blue Jay" because her favorite color is Blue and her family calls her "Jay".
  • Tang wants to stay the "tomboy" of her generation.
  • Tang is the first member of Happy Jikan to be a tomboy since the graduation of Ruu Maya.
  • Wu Jiao and Tsugunaga Momoko taught her that it is okay to be yourself.
  • Tang wants to be able to dance like Wu Jiao and sing like Niigaki Risa.
  • Wu Jiao said that Tang Juan is an awesome comedian.
  • Eguchi Rin gave Tang the nickname Ta-tan.
  • Bui Shun is her #1 rival.
  • Claims she has a loud personality.
Happy Jikan
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