The First Star in the Galaxy is GALAXY STARS's first mini album. The album was released July 11, 2017 nationwide and in digital music stores.


Regular Edition A 

  1. Koi ni Ochita Rookie (恋に落ちたルーキー; A Rookie that Fell in LoveNEW)
  2. Melon Crusher! (NEW)
  3. Crashed Shita Ai no Website (クラッシュした愛のウェブサイト; SIN)
  4. Tsuneni Kyousou ga Aru (常に競争がある; SIN)
  5. Akira Kana Kaiketsu Saku (明らかな解決策; The Obvious Solution,  NEW)
  6. Zhǔyào Diànyǐng àiqíng (主要电影爱情; Major Motion Love, NEW)
  7. Watashi wa Ashita Naku Koto ga Dekinai (私は明日泣くことができない; I can't cry tomorrow, NEW)
  8. New Love Filter (NEW)

Limited Edition A


  1. Koi ni Ochita Rookie
  2. New Love Filter
  3. Tsuneni Kyousou ga Aru
  4. Crashited Shita Ai no Website
  5. Amai Koukou no Kioku (甘い高校の記憶; Bittersweet Highschool Memory, NEW) -Baozhai Adira, Zou Kia, Anna Aliyev
  6. Kokoro Kara no Koufuku (心からの幸福; Happiness From the Heart, NEW) -Chen Mia, Nang Hyun, Emily Denten
  7. Amanogawa no Member Shoukai (天の川のメンバー紹介; Milkway Member Introduction, NEW)
  8. Bronzovaya Medal' Lyubov' (Бронзовая медаль Любовь; Bronze Medal Love, NEW)


  1. Koi ni Ochita Rookie (MV)
  2. Member Introduction in Native Language

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