The School Project is a movement within Hello! Project. The goal is to visit different schools in different countries one-by-one to gain more fans.


Former Members



Even though it was announced that Vii-iii would be replacing TSP, Tsunku later announced an upcoming performance in Sacred Heart Philippines. When asked about this, he said that TSP wouldn't be very active and that Vii-iii isn't a part of TSP, thus meaning Reana will graduate from BMM, PonPonii and stop activities in TSP.

Schools visited


  • Fukuoka Daichi High School
  • Tokyo International School


  • [01.18.2013]-[01.20.2013] St. Paul College of Pasig
  • [02.20.2013]-[02.23.2013] Sacred Heart


  • TBA


  • [12.20.2012]-[12.22.2012] Northbrooks Secondary School


  • Chiba Yuri and Akashi Yue are the only C/olorage members that are not in the group.
  • Even thought it was announced that Vii-iii would be replacing The School Project, Tsunku later announced the upcoming performance in Sacred Heart, Philippines.

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