The Very First (一番最初の) is the debut studio album of the Hello!Project group Happy Jikan.It was released November 18,in Regular and Limited edition.


Regular Edition

  1. SHOCK Igai! ~2000 Happy Jikan~(SHOCK Surprising ~2000 Happy Jikan; ショック意外〜2000幸せじかん〜)
  2. Believe!
  3. Suànmìng Xiānshēng (The Fortune Teller; 算命先生)
  4. Sorry
  5. Ài
  6. Dance Majo (Dance Witch; ダンス魔女)
  7. THE Kami!! (THE God!!; 神!)
  8. Tángrénjiē de dàolù! (The road to Chinatown!; 唐人街的道路!)
  9. Ue Kara shisen o Aisuru (The Loving Gaze from Above; 上カラ四川O愛する)
  10. LOUD! Subarashii Ongaku no Queen (LOUD! Great Music Queen; LOUD!素晴らしい音楽の女王)
  11. Subarashii Ongaku O Subarashii Uta

Limited Edition

  1. Melon. (メロン。)
  2. Momo. (Peach; もも。)
  3. Believe! (MV)
  4. Meet Happy Jikan! The Best China Group EVER! (幸せじかんと出会おう!史上最高の中国のグループ!)

Featured Members


  • The album sold a total of 1,008,293 copies.
  • This is Happy Jikan's first studio album.
  • This is the first Happy Jikan album to feature Su Meili as boss.
  • "Melon." and "Momo." are additional songs to the albums,under the name of the group's two favorite fruits.
  • "Ue Kara shisen o Aisuru" was originally supposed to be a Happy Jikan single,but it was only chosen as an album song because Tsunku and Akami felt as if the song wasn't "Single material".
  • "Believe!" is the most performed song on the album.


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