• Do not edit other people's pages without permission (exception: The user is inactive, spelling/punctuation correction).
    • If you are a new member, within your first two months you are only allowed to have up to two groups at most. Many people end up going inactive and it's unfair to have to make other people take care of your group. If not edited within 6 months, groups will be disbanded/deleted.
    • If you are a long time member and see an inactive group, try to take it over before it has to undergo deletion.
    • Do not edit/comment if you are not signing in. Unless your user is stated (example: Hey, this is User:OonaxNonners....), your IP will be banned.
    • Give constructive crticism, don't be an asshole.
    • Let's all get along, okay? Trolling/rude behavior results in an autoban without warning.
    • Have fun, and get creative.
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    • BUMPING.

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    • Once again, just bumping this forum. If you are new here, please take the time to read this!

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    • A FANDOM user
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