Tomoe Tachibana

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Tomoe Tachibana(橘巴 ; Tachibana Tomoe) is a current first generation member of the all-male Hello! Project group SECRET Otoko.


Name: Tomoe Tachibana (橘巴; Tachibana Tomoe)

Nicknames: Tomoe-kun, Tomo, Tachibana

Birthday: June 17, 1999 (Age 15)

Birthplace: Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan

Charmpoint: Wearing hoodies

Weakpoint: Camera-shy

Favorite Foods: Yokan, oden, ice cream

Least Favorite Foods: Sushi, taro, sashimi

Favorite Subject: History

Least Favorite Subject: Science

Motto: "Live life as a good person."

Favorite English Word: Fukuoka

SECRET Otoko Color: Crimson

Favorite Band: Shinee

Favorite Shinee Song: "Dream Girl"

Favorite SECRET Otoko Song: "Nihon, Let's Party!"

  • Hello! Project Groups:
  • SECRET Otoko (2013- Present)


  • He is from the same city and prefecture as former Morning Musume member Reina Tanaka.
  • He knows how to play accoustic guitar.
  • He is a fan of K-pop.
  • He has a younger sister named Ami who is a member of Hello! Project girl group Dorimuhato.
  • His ideal girl: Loving, a good listener, smart, friendly, has a good sense of humor.
  • He is currently a third-year middle school student.
  • He gets along the best with fellow groupmatee Shiro Nishishima.
  • His dream is to star in a Hollywood film.
  • Hideaki Takizawa from Tackey & Tsubasa is his role model.
  • His mother was a former model.
  • He says that his sister is pretty enrgeticc and can get too hyper sometimes.


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