Tomoko Kurumizawa

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'Tomoko Kurumizawa(胡桃沢智子; Kurumizawa Tomoko) is a current first generation member of EXTREMEX quartet, all-female group Hugs & Kiss.


Name: Tomoko Kurumizawa

Nicknames: Tomoko-chan, Toto, Kurumi

Birthday: August 5, 1997 (Age: 17)

Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan

Charmpoint: Having her hair up in high pigtails

Weakpoint: Can be convicted of lying very easily

Favorite Subject: Home Economics

Least Favorite Subject: Science

Favorite Foods: Spinach, onigiri with pickled plum in the middle, coconut shrimp

Least Favorite Foods: Octopus, sashimi, sardines

Motto: "Love is patient and love is kind."

Favorite English Word: Love

Hugs & Kiss Color: Sea Green

Favorite Band: PEACEFUL

Favorite Flower: Camellia

Favorite PEACEFUL Song: "START!"

Favorite Hugs & Kiss Song: "Sutekina Yume"

Favorite Manga: "Koko Debut", "Kimi ni Todoke", "Bokura ga Ita"

  • EXTREMEX Groups:
  • Hugs & Kiss (2012- Present)


  • She has a huge love for shojo manga and anime and even shares the same last name and nickname of one of her favorite mangas, "Kimi ni Todoke" 's, Kurumi.
  • She says that her favorite Pokemon is Squirtle because "he's cute and I love turtles!".
  • She loves to cook.
  • Her favorite color is light pink.
  • If she wasn't in Hugs & Kiss; she'd audition for a spot in the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei.

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