Years Active



Up Front Works (2013-present)

Associated Acts

C/olorage, DANCING INNOVATION,Hello!Project DIVAS.

Current Members

Arikara Erika(2013-Present
Hojo Jun(2013-Present)
Furude Gina(2013-Present)
Yamaguchi Eri(2013-Present)
Hisakawa Minami(2013-Present)
Ideka Takeru (2014-Present)
Kagawa Yuri (2014-Present)
Sato Yuki (2014-Present)

Uchota~ (うちょた〜) is a Japanese pop group signed to Hello! Project. They were formed in February 2013.


Current Members

First Generation (2013)

Second Generation (2014)

  • Ideka Takeru (池田タケル; Pastel Red)
  • Kagawa Yuri (香川ゆり; Emerald Green)
  • Sato Yuki (佐藤由紀; Orchid)



On February 14, Tsunku announced that he was going to create a new unit with the trainee groups. The unit's name would be Uchota~ and they will debut with their first indies single, Sodatsu Koto Wa Konnan De Aru!!!.

On April 1, Uchota~ second indies single, Kanpeki Shoujo-Chan was announced.

On June 7, Uchota~ fourth indies single was announced. It will be released on July 18.

On July 13, during a mini live, with H!D, Uchota~ performed their fifth indies single, Ai no Tochuu. It will be similar to Ten Made Nobore!, with the DIVAS. and Uchota~ singing in unison and the Uchota~ version.

On August 10, at an Ai no Tochuu promotion event at Nanako Sun Plaza, Uchota~ major debut was announced for November. Their major debut single was announced to be, LOVE Rison.

In November, the members' profiles were removed from the DIVAS. webpage.


On May 9, Uchota~ first concert tour was announced. It's call Uchota~ 2014 Debut Tour ~Party no Uchota~.

On December 2, Uchota~ added three new members, Ideka Takeru, Kagawa Yuri, and Sato Yuki.



Indies Singles

  1. [2013.03.22] Sodatsu Koto Wa Konnan De Aru!!! (育つ こと わ 困難 で ある!!!)
  2. [2013.05.19] Kanpeki Shoujo-Chan (完璧 少女-ちゃん)
  3. [2013.06.01] PATI PATI (パチ パチ)
  4. [2013.07.18] Sweet Smile (スウィートスマイル)
  5. [2013.08.05] Ai no Tochuu (愛の途中) -Hello!Project DIVAS. ft. Uchota~

Major Singles

  1. [2013.10.31] LOVE Rison (ォヴェ離村)
  2. [2013.12.25] Hearts of Ice / Tada no Yume (ハートアイス / ただの夢)
  3. [2014.03.01] Aisaretaku / Watashi no Hatsukoi / Seishun no Takaramonos
  4. [2014.07.15] Hyper Rush!!! / Baka Janai no!? (ハイパーラッシュ! / バカじゃないの?!)
  5. [2014.10.31] Hearts of Fire / Horonigai♥Train (ファイアハート  / ほろ苦い♥トレイン)
  6. [2015.01.18] RESTART! / Chu♦Chu♦Chu
  7. [2015.06.13] Otome no Mijuku / The Dance Attack / BEAT•DOWN
  8. [2015.12.18] Taiyou wa Kira Kira / Seiten no Hekireki
  9. [2016.03.02] Otome no Lovely / HAPPY TUNE / Shake it!
  10. [2016.07.11] BEACH + SEA = SUMMER YOUTH / La, La, La, PARADISE!


  1. [2015.11.26] UCHOTA: VOL 1


  1. [2014.05.20] DAILY UCHOTA~


  1. [2014.05.22] Uchota~ PATH TO DEBUT


  • The rumored line-up was Inoue Ayame, Arikara Erika, Ishikawa Megumi, and Tamura Momoko. The only member that was confirmed from this line up was Arikara Erika.
  • Tsunku said that "Uchota~" is a play on the word "Chou", which translates to "ultra".
  • Arikara was originally a member of C/olorage,but left the group after her rival,Maeda Yuuka,graduated from S/mileage.
  • Arikara was chosen to be leader because she was in the Hello!Project longer than any of the other members (Arikara joined in 2011,for the group C/olorage,but left the group and was added as a second generation member of the Hello!Project DIVAS.).
  • All the members are from Hello!Project DIVAS.
  • Arikara and Hojo cried when they found out they were in Uchota~
  • Tsunku said that the member's colors are supposed to represent spring.

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