Urban Rise (U-Rise; アーバンライズ) is a four member girl group under the Hello! Project. They were formed in 2011 and made their major debut as a unit in October 2013.


  • Maruyama Ayaka (丸山綾香; Sky Blue(Leader)
  • Oshiro Mayu (大城真由; Deep Pink(Sub-Leader)
  • Inoue Shiori (井上詩織; Light Green
  • Nakajima Nao (中島奈緒; Light Red)


2011-2014: The Beginning, Major Debut

January 1, Urban Rise's debut was announced. The group originally started off as an indies unit, releasing five indies singles and one indies album from 2011 to 2013.

October 8, 2013, Urban Rise made their major debut with the single "Nao no Dilemma, Shiori no Kai, Mayu no Plan B, Ayaka no Kokoro". Each member contributed to the production of the song, and the single reached #2 on the Charts, selling a total of 41,939 copies in the first week.


Urban Rise was involved in their first theatrical production under Engeki Joshibu, titled "Owl's Eye". The production is one of the best reviewed Hello! Project theatrical productions. 

During the fall, Urban Rise embarked on their first nationwide tour as a unit.


January 1, it was announced that Urban Rise would be performing at Nippon Budokan on October 8th, the third anniversary of their major debut.




  1. [2011.06.20] Bi ~ Hit Parade ~ -v-u-den cover
  2. [2011.10.15] Zentaiteki ni Daisuki desu. -Sheki-Dol cover
  3. [2012.03.14] Chance of LOVE -Melon Kinenbi cover
  4. [2012.12.12] Watashi no Kao -Tanpopo cover
  5. [2013.05.16] Watashi mo "I LOVE YOU" -Coconuts Musume. cover


  1. [2013.10.08] Nao no Dilemma, Shiori no Kai, Mayu no Plan B, Ayaka no Kokoro (奈緒のジレンマ、詩織の解、真由のプランB、綾香の心)
  2. [2014.03.13] Chou o Hikikaeshimasu (蝶を引き返します)
  3. [2014.07.10] Toshi Toshi Style (都市都市スタイル)
  4. [2014.10.06] Uta no "Aa" Bubun (歌の「あ」部分)
  5. [2015.02.05] Sakujo sa reta Text (削除されたテキスト)
  6. [2015.05.04] Tokyo no Idol to Hokkaido no Idol ga Concert de Deau (東京のアイドルと北海道のアイドルがコンサートで出会う)
  7. [2015.08.06] Kare wa Naku Koto ga Dekimasu (彼は泣くことができます)
  8. [2016.01.05] Naitemo Daijoubu (泣いても大丈夫)
  9. [2016.07.07] 777 ~Lucky Strike! ~ / Chance of LOVE (2012 vs. 2014 Version)
  10. [2016.11.03] Mou sugu Asa ne (もうすぐ朝ね)
  11. [2017.02.06] Kyou wa Yoi Tenki (今日は良い天気)
  12. [2017.05.24] Anata ga Kimeru Toki, Watashi wa Koko ni Imasu yo (あなたが決めるとき、私はここにいますよ)


  1. [2013.09.05] Watashi wa Ienikaeru mae ni Ganbatta (私は家に帰る前に頑張った; Indies)
  2. [2017.09.14] Watashi wa Kinou Hontondo Akirameta (私は昨日ほとんど諦めた)


  • All of the members have been trained in dancing and singing prior debuting.
  • Maruyama is the only member born in 1998 (everyone else is born in 1999)
  • All of the members have been in a dancing school
  • All of the group's indies singles are cover songs of old school Hello! Project songs.

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