Tsuki Usa (月産米国) & Tsuki Usagi (月うさぎ) were born December 1,1972.The Tsuki twins are the dance instructors and vocal teachers of the Hello!Project group Happy Jikan.They often give the girls Japanese language lessons,and are usually the dance instructors for many Happy Jikan auditions.



June 14,2006,After Happy Jikan's former instructor Amaya quit,Akami hired Tsuki Usa and Tsuki Usagi to be the vocal teachers,Japanese teachers,and dance instructors.The first audition the twins were dance instructors for was the Happy Jikan sixth generation auditions.


From Dont't Give Up Yet!/Keep Going! (2010) to Sekushina Babe (2011),Usa & Usagi were not credited for the choregraphy. It was then confirmed that "SHE", a well known Hello! Project dance instructor, was creating dances for Happy Jikan. 


This is a list of all the dances Usa & Usagi taught to Happy Jikan,and all the auditions they were dance instructors/vocal teachers/Japanese teachers for.

Happy Jikan Singles

Happy Jikan Auditions

Shiko Jikan Auditions


  • One reason why Usa & Usagi became Happy Jikan's new instructor was that the members complained that Amaya was too mean and often put them down.
  • Usa & Usagi are known to be nice to participants in Happy Jikan auditions and do not scold them unless they do not listen to them.
  • They admitted that they are Wu Jiao & Tanaka Reina fans.
  • Y.okatta wants them to teach them a dance one day.

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