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So cute...


Just a messed up gif. Lol

Oie HJ48bylwSh1s

New profile banner


For Riyu (AKA Mizura).

Duu Wallie
Imageedit 3 8227263443

Looks cool! It has animation. : P


Matching avatar! : )

Samui Ne

My new wallpaper! :D

Colurs Gift

Colours is a member on H!O that has helped with making graphics, since I didn't know how at first. :)

New Banner

A new and improved banner

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Oie oie overlay (3)
Some random stuff I made for Hello! Online. I'll add more later! I'm doing this
Tsukapon Wallie

I made this in honor of Tsukapon. I'll never forget her. :(

since I don't have a photo hosting
9kis Sig
Oie KLLi5OWyKZr2

My best creation~

Aina avatar
Sayuki avatar
DAWA and Meimei wallie
Airi avatar1
IPod wallpaper

Since I got my signed poster today, I thought I should make this. :)

Zukki Wallpaper
, so I'll be uploading them from here for now. :)
Oie zLWWrFOVjhNv
Eripon wallie
Chinami and Captain wallie

Testing some stuff out. :)

Aina avatar 1

I miss Aina. :'(

Miyamoto Karin Wallie
10ki wallie

This was really easy to make!

Airi Sig
Oie 1rmVQ8wCHiuZ
Oie oie overlay (2)
Grapic Thread Banner
Fukuhime avatar
PonPon sig

PonPon~ :)

Oie oie overlay (1)
Oie oie overlay

It's a gif thingy!

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