Velvet Coffee is a 2016 Hello! Project Fantasy unit formed with members from Fantasy Kenshuusei and Fantasy Rookies, they are currently aiming towards their major debut.


  • Watanabe Reiri (渡辺 レイ里: Emerald Green)
  • Tano Mina (田野 未菜: Crimson Red) General
  • Stella Maeda (ステラ 前田: Deep Blue) Sub-General
  • Jung Hyohee (정 효희: Neon Green)
  • Kim Sira (김 시라: Star Yellow)
  • Utada Sana (宇多田 シャラ: Dark Purple)
  • Yuu Ayaka (誰 綾香: Hot Pink)
  • Mizote Ayuka (溝手 あやか: Baby Blue)
  • Nishino Erika (西野エリカ: Sparkling Pink)
  • Im Choa (임 조아: Sky Lavander)
  • Narukami Ameko (鳴神雨: Medium Blue
  • Taguchi Utau (田口歌う: Clover Green)
  • Shoda Utako (正田 歌子: Sunset Orange)


2016: Formation

On March 21, the group (along with Nature Girlz) was announce with the starting five members from the programs of Fantasy Kenshuusei and Fantasy Rookies. They are currently aiming towards their major debut. On that same day, their member colors, the leaders and their debut indies single as announced.

On November 7, the group added 3 members to the unit, two were finalists that were Kim Sira and Shoda Utako from the Genki Girls Club! ni Shizen Musume 2016 Audtion -4ki SHIN MIRACLE AUDITION- and one was Fantasy Kenshuusei member Mizote Ayuka. On November 13, the groups profiles were changed to fit the members in their correct ages.


On January 6, it was announced to both Velvet Coffee and Nature Girlz that only one group can debut, and they must complete several challenges in order for them to be the winning group. The members of the losing group will be offered a chance to debut in the winning group.

On January 21, it was announced that Velvet Coffee have won the challenge and will be having a major debut in March or April. All the members of Nature Girlz will join the group. They will all graduate from their programs as well.

On June 28, it was announced that the group will only promote as a season unit due to contract disputes with the members and their families.

Name Concept

Choreographer Rue Jackson said "All the members are really nice vocals like velvet, that is where we got the Velvet part of it. And we put the word Coffee because of the rich feeling they all have when they stand on stage together."


Indies Singles
  1. [2016.05.03] Sweet Coffee
  2. [2016.06.21] Bitter Coffee
  3. [2016.08.02] Distant Coffee
  4. [2016.09.20] Sky Coffee
  5. [2016.11.08] Our Coffee
  6. [2016.12.06] Lovely Coffee


  • Jung Hyohee and Im Choa are the only members who are Koreans.
  • Tano Mina is the only Fantasy Rookies member.
  • They were announced the same day as Nature Girlz.
  • Yuu Ayaka and Tano Mina are the only members born in Japan.

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