This is a transcript of Intense♥ member selection.



[*]Akami enters the room, the DIVAS. follow behind her. The DIVAS. sit on the ground[*]

  • A- Does anyone know why I called you here
  • E- No, Akami-San
  • A- I have important news to announce to everyone.

[*]The DIVAS. start murmuring to each other.[*]

  • A- Settle down! There will be a new DIVAS. group!

[*]The DIVAS. quickly become silent[*]

  • A- I will first start off with announcing the members.
  • E- Yes Akami-San
  • A- The first member was chosen due to her amazing dance skills and her drive to be successful, Fujimoto Saki!

[*]Fujimoto stands up, and walks to the center of the room.[*]

  • A- The next girl was chosen due to her energy, unique voice, and her bright personality, Kyou Miwa!

[*]Kyou stands up and walks to the center of the room. She looks around nervously.[*]

  • And the final member of the group was chosen for being the perfectly rounded girl who is always smiling, Tamura Momoko!

[*]Tamura stands up, and starts crying. She walks to the center of the room and stands besides Fujimoto and Kyou, tears are still streaking her face.[*]

[*]By this time, all the other DIVAS. are in tears for not being chosen to form the new group.[*]

  • A- As of July 18, 2013, you girls will make up the group, Intense♥. You three will graduate and become full members of Hello! Project on August 23, 2013 and will have a special ceremony. Please work hard to become a best selling group!
  • FS,KM,TM, Yes, Akami-San!
  • A- Thank you. everybody is dismissed.


  • TBA

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