WILD STARS (ワイルドスターズ) was a Japanese pop group signed to Hello! Project Girls Division. They were formed in 2014 with two members. On March 11, the group disbanded to internal issues.

WILD STARS best selling single is "Cry me a river / WILD GIRL" with 40,234 copies sold, while their lowest selling single is "YO! IMPACT Jinsel / Kizuna no Chikai" with only 15,870 copies sold.




On June 15, the formation of WILD STARS was announced. The group would be formed with failed Morning Musume 12th generation finalist, Kawaei Suzuka and DIVAS. member, Masahiro Ami. The group would start activities in July.


On March 15, WILD STARS started their debut concert tour.

On December 13, it was announced that WILD STARS would be going on a six month hiatus starting the first of January 2016 in order to train and improve the group's performance. This action was decided on by both of the members with no input by management. They would return to their activities in July 2016, but would maintain their social media accounts.


On January 1, WILD STARS went on their six month hiatus.

On July 12, WILD STARS had their first live performance of 2016, ending their six month hiatus.


On October 26, it was announced that WILD STARS would go on hiatus for an undisclosed amount of time. There wasn't an exact reason given for the hiatus, but it was speculated that there were growing issues between Kawaei and Masahiro that was affecting the group's overall activities.


On March 10, it was announced that WILD STARS would be disbanding that day. During the five months of inactivity, it was discussed that both parties wanted to focus on other activities rather than continuing as a group. Both Kawaei and Masahiro released their final blog posts, explaining the reasons why they wanted to end their activities. Kawaei would retire from the entertainment industry to focus on school full time, while Masahiro would focus on becoming a songwriter for Hello! Project Girls Division.

On March 11, all social media pages for WILD STARS, including the members' social media accounts, were deleted. Masahiro Ami later opened her own account.



  1. [2014.11.01] CATHERINE
  2. [2015.03.17] The love doctor
  3. [2015.07.23] Ai no Fuchuina
  4. [2015.12.08] YO! IMPACT Jinsei / Kizuna no Chikai
  5. [2016.09.15] Cry me a river / WILD GIRL
  6. [2017.04.01] REBIRTH / Usoda
  7. [2017.07.19] Natsu no Ai / Glass no Pumps


  1. [2017.09.05] WILD LOVE Vol. 1


  • The theme of the group is "mature and sexy".
  • Both Kawaei and Masahiro are AB blood-types.
  • When the group went on hiatus, both girls expressed their desires to improve their performance skills, after noticing they were struggling during live events.