Watashi o Aishita (私を愛した, Loved Me) is Chisana's 2nd single. 

It is set to be released on February 14, 2013. Tsunku said that even though the lyrics, tune and everything are already done and that the group was already in the process of practicing the rythym, he chose February 14 because it was Valentine's day and the song was a sequel to their first single (Watashi no...Hatsukoi), similarly also telling a story about love.

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  • The song is a sequel to Watashi no...Hatsukoi, supposedly like telling what happens next.
  • The song continous the story, (Verse 1) The girl starts seeing the boy once again, they start talking daily, the girl wanted to confess but she didn't have the guts to so she just continued everyday talking to him without saying a thing. (Chorus) Later on, the girl figured out that the boy actually had a girlfriend and started thinking about the pain and how she regretted not having confessed and admitted her feelings earlier. (Verse 2) It was about how she went on spending everyday with him and yet she never said a word. (During the instrumental part it was being whispered in a tune) The boy confessed and said he actually had a crush on her before but not anymore now.
  • At the end of the song, the members whisper in a crying voice (There's a pause before Zoey's line):
    • Fukunaka Eri - "I'm sorry" "Gomen'nasai"
    • Arakawa Kame - "I should have admitted it earlier" "Watashi wa izen sore o mitomete iru hazudesu"
    • Bando Kaede - "But I really" "Shikashi, watashi wa hontoni"
    • Kin Momoko - "Truly" "Makotoni"
    • Maia - "Loved you" "Anata o Aishite"
    • Zoey - "And I still do" "Soshite, watashi wa mada yaru"
    • All - "Love me too." "Watashi mo daisukidesu"

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