We're PLATINUM (私たちは プラチナ) is a 2015/2016 TV drama featuring various members of the Hello!Project DIVAS., Hello!Project Foreigners Morning Musume and former Morning Musume member Fujimoto Miki. The TV drama is loosely based off of Morning Musume's platinum era. It started airing on December 11, 2015 and ended February 12, 2016.


  • TV Station: NHK
  • Airing Time: 19:00~20:00
  • Airing Date: December 11, 2015~February 12, 2016
  • Theme Song: Mikan (Hello!Project DIVAS. Cover)
  • Ending Song: Subete Kachigaaru (全て価値がある; selected DIVAS. and Foreigners members)


The TV Drama We're PLATINUM takes a look back into Morning Musume's platinum era, with the start of it all, the ups and downs, the achievements and the graduations that both started and ended the era.


Morning Musume have finally reached the year 2007 together and the group starts experiencing many changes. Two new foreigners, JiJi and LiLi, join the group which stirs up controversy from the fans. Member Kohaku Kusumi experiences many troubles with the members, especially Morito Sayumi. A physical fight erupts within the group, and members even start getting harassed online by fans. Taguchi Reina is accused of committing a scandal, pictures surfacing of a possible relationship between her and a popular boyband member. As a whole, sales take a huge drop for the group, which kicks them out of many important shows for more popular artists. A new idol group, Shinki Shinki Kokoro comes around and declares rivalry with Morning Musume, while winning all of Japan's hearts. Just as things begin to look up a little, Kohaku Kusumi announces that she is leaving the group to focus on model activities, and Kamaguchi, JiJi and LiLi follow her soon after. For Kamaguchi, JiJi and LiLi's graduation concert, the girls are finally rewarded with a performance at Yokohama Arena. This drama goes into detail the struggles of Morning Musume during the Platinum era of 2007-2010, and their recovery as a group.



  • Aida Yuna as Hasegawa Ai (長谷川愛)
  • Esumi Sofia as Niigata Risa (新潟里沙)
  • Nishino Erika as Kamaguchi Eri (釜口襟)
  • Moriyama Saho as Morito Sayumi (守人さゆみ)
  • Okamoto Rinne as Taguchi Reina (田口れいな)
  • Yuzuki Nana as Kohaku Kusumi (紅白久住)
  • Washio Kisora as Matsui Aika (松井愛佳)
  • Jiang Jei as JiJi (ジジ)
  • Liang Xue as LiLi (リリー)
  • Takahashi Ai as Narrator


  • Shinki Shinki Kokoro (新規新規心)
    • Fukumura Mizuki as Mayu (まゆ)
    • Ikuta Erina as Yume (夢)
    • Suzuki Kanon as Pochi (ポチ)
    • Oda Sakura as Saku (サク)
    • Nonaka Miki as Mitti (みっち)
  • Fujimoto Miki as Mayumi-Sensei (真弓先生)
  • Ikuta Toma as RICK (リック)
  • Inoue Rei, Wada Sakurako, Niinuma Kisora, Tanimoto Ami as New Members 


  • Throughout the episode, flashbacks from notable moments of the Platinum era are featured as Takahashi Ai explains them.
  • The main actresses were invited to Music Station to perform "Subete Kachigaaru" to celebrate the last episode of the drama airing.