Pop Candy
We are POP☆CANDY! (私たちはポップ ☆ お菓子です!) is the Hello!Project Foreigners third cover single. It is a cover of Hatsune Miku's song. This time, it features only six members. The six members are: Miya, Charity, Dita, Gwenah, Carrie and Jhen Rose. The Regular Edition and the Limited A editions will be released January 3, 2013, but the Single V will be released January 9, 2013.


Regular Edition

  1. We are POP☆CANDY!
  2. Colorful X Melody
  3. We are POP☆CANDY! (instrumental)

Limited Edition A

  1. We are POP☆CANDY!
  2. Ur-Style
  3. We are POP☆CANDY! (instrumental)

Single V

  1. We are POP☆CANDY! (Dance Shot Ver.)
  2. We are POP☆CANDY! (Another Ver.)
  3. Colorful X Melody (Close Up Ver.)
  4. Making Of (メキング映像)

Featured Members

First Generation

  • Miya
  • Charity
  • Dita

Second Generation

  • Gwenah

Third Generation

  • Carrie

Fourth Generation

  • Jhen Rose

Song Information

  • We are POP☆CANDY!
    • Lyrics: VOCALOID
    • Compostion: VOCALOID
    • Chrous: Jhen Rose
    • Vocals:
      • Dita And Carrie (Main Vocals)
      • Miya, Charity, Gwenah, Carrie and Jhen Rose (minor vocals)
  • Colorful X Melody
    • Lyrics: VOCALOID
      • TBA
  • Ur-Style
    • Lyrics: VOCALOID
      • TBA


  • Gwenah, Carrie and Jhen Rose are the only members of their generation featured in the release.
  • This is the first Hello!Project Foreigners cover that does not feature all the members.
  • Colorful X Melody and Ur-Style are covers of songs from Kagamine RIN.
  • This is the first cover to have Carrie lead the song.
  • This is the first Hello!Project Foreigners cover to feature a fourth generation member.
  • It was rumored that these members would form a new unit. This however was proven false.
  • After Gwenah left, Cai Yanyu took all her lines.


  1. We are POP CANDY!:
  2. Colorful X Melody:
  3. Ur-Style:

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