What to do! is the 6th track on Morning Musume's 12th album,12,Smart.The song is sung by Kawazu Autumn,Muramoto Chie,and Saburo Mami.

Song Information

  • What to do!
    • Lyrics & Composition: Akami
    • Arrangement: NICHIDO
    • Chorus: Tsunku 
    • Vocals:
      • Kawazu Autumn (main vocal)
      • Muramoto Chie & Saburo Mami (minor vocals)


Tsunku's Comment on "What to do!"

This song is a pop-rock song,and I really think this is a masterpiece!Most of the words are in english,but all of them did not struggle with it at all.The song is made up of three strong vocals.This would be a great song for a concert,to pump the crowd up!


  • Most of the lines are in english.
  • After Kawazu graduated,Muramoto took over her parts,and Ono Sayuki had to take over Muramoto's parts.Ono Sayuki taking over Muramoto's lines caused many fights between fans,saying "Muramoto and Saburo should have split the lines,Ono can't sing them right." and other fans objecting to this,So Tsunku just left the song to Muramoto and Saburo,and they split the lines.

Concert Performances

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