Y.okatta Concert Tour Fall 2010 ~Ichiban2~ (ヨカッタ コンサート ツアー 2010年秋 〜 一番 2 〜) is Y.okatta's 2010 fall tour.The DVD and  Blu-Ray of the concert was release January 21,2011.


All songs are performed by all members unless indicated otherwise

  1. Ueita-san! (Waiter-san!)
  2. MC1
  3. Hinihini Onna noko,Yoru wa Heroine!
  5. Tsuyoku Naru
  6. MC2
  7. Hoshi~Hoshi
  8. DREAM
  9. Jibun ni Naru! (Be yourself!)
  10. Niji No Ue O Aruku (Walking On A Rainbow, Hello! Pro Eggs)
  11. Yokoso! (Welcome!, Y.okatta and Hello! Pro Eggs)
  12. Shy Honey
  13. MC3 - Hello! Pro Eggs
  14. Let me Love You
  15. Support! (Koyanagi Misa solo)
  16. Help! (Matano Maho solo)
  17. Yamete QA!
  18. Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND


  1. Y.okatta no Hyokkori Hyoutanjima
  2. Ah Merry-go-round

Featured Members

  • Y.okatta
    • Koyanagi Misa
    • Matano Maho
  • ​Hello! Pro Eggs

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