YA (You're Amazing) is a subunit between C/olorage member Chiba Yuri and S/mileage member Saito Kotomi. The group will make it's official debut in 2014, but the group was announced November 3, 2012. As of Saito Kotomi's graduation from S/mileage in 2014, the status of the group is unknown but is assumed that the group is now disbanded.



November 3, it was announced that Saito Kotomi and Chiba Yuri would be forming the unit YA, but the group would make it's official debut in 2014.

To promote the unit, YA has a mini tour titled "YA Concert Tour Fall 2012 ~Beginning~". It will run November 17 to December 4,2012.


August 9,Tsunku posted on twitter that because both girls were busy with their respective groups,their debut would have to wait.

November 10,at S/mileage's promotional event for their 15th single,Saito announced YA's debut single, Ijiwaru na Dance!. It was released in February 2014.



  1. [2014.02.09] Ijiwaru na Dance! (意地悪なダンス)
  2. [2014.06.17] PRE-DANCE-A-THON / Dakishimete Pride (PRE-DANCE-A-THON / 抱きしめてプライド)


  • This is Chiba Yuri's first unit.
  • YA was originally supposed to be "Kibou", but it was then changed.
  • Despite the unit being announced in 2012,YA will not debut until 2014 due to other activities within their main groups.
  • Tsunku stated that he will try to make YA more of an "Explosive Danvce group".
  • According to Chiba Yuri,their image is R&B.