YES! The Solution is a 2013 Happy Jikan original song. It is set to be the theme of the TV show, Super Idol.Net!,from November 2013 and onwards. It was first performed on the show itself, October 2,2013.

Featured Members

  • Sixth Generation: Hoi Daiyu,Wang Dao Ming,Wu Jiao,Aoi Xiao,Zheng May Ai,Sun Fang,Zheng Mei
  • Seventh Generation: Zeng Yun,Joe Song,Hsaoi Zhe,Bui Shun
  • Eigth Generation: Peng Shan,Tang Juan,Lin Ju,Lee Mia

Song Information




  • This will be the first theme song of Super Idol.Network to be done by a group not under iDOL STREET.
  • There is currently no plans of a release for this song.

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