ZONE (ゾーン) is a Japanese Pop group under Hello! Project, formed with six members from the Hello!Project DIVAS.. They were formed on April 2, 2016.


Current Members

  • Morita Sara (森田サラ; Orange) Leader
  • Hashimoto Miki (橋本美希; Purple) Sub Leader
  • Takeda Riko (武田理子; Pink)
  • Sasada Amaya (笹田アマヤ; Yellow)
  • Ebina Hayami (海老名速水; Red)
  • Hayashi Rika (林りか; Blue)



On April 2, the formation of ZONE was announced. The group will feature six members from the DIVAS. program. They will start off as an indies group and will work their way up to a major debut.

On July 8, they performed their debut indies single, UNITED IDOL.

On December 1, ZONE released their second single, Mijuku Go Getter!

On January 1, their major debut was announced for April 2, 2017.

On March 11, the members graduated from the DIVAS. program.


Indies Singles

  1. [2016.08.23] UNITED IDOL
  2. [2016.12.01] Mijuku Go Getter

Major Singles

  1. [2017.04.02] ROMANCE wa Hoshikunai / YOU DON'T KNOW ME / Silently there...


  • The average age for the group is 15.
  • All the members (excluding Sasada and Ebina) cried when they were told they were going to debut.
  • They want to be known for their singing abilities.

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