Zheng Ming (郑鸣) was born October 12, 2001. Zheng is a member of Genki Jikan and a former seventh generation member of the Hello!Project Foreigners.

Zheng was also a famous Youtube cover artist,under the name "Minka". Happy Jikan members Zheng May Ai and Zheng Mei are her older sisters.



June 11,Zheng opened the channel "Miniminka".The following day,she released a cover of the Happy Jikan song "Believe!",and it reached over 4,000,000 in a minimum of two weeks.

In her fourth video, Zheng revealed that she was the younger sister of Zheng May Ai and Zheng Mei


During the summer,Zheng held her own solo tour,that lasted four weeks.All of the concerts were sold out in 5 days.


May 27,Zheng was introduced as a seventh generation member of the Hello!Project Foreigners,alongside Long Haru,Annette and Kia Su Ling.

On July 28, Zheng became a member of Genki Jikan, with five other girls.

She graduated from the Foreigners and became a member of Hello! Project on the same day.

On July 29, Zheng closed down her Youtube Account. She posted on Twitter that her contract stated that she couldn't have a social media account and that her Twitter would be deactivated.

Afew hours later, Zheng's Twitter was deactivated.


  • Name: Zheng Ming (郑鸣)
  • Former YouTube Username: Miniminka (Minka)
  • Nicknames: Miniminka (ミニ民家;迷你明卡), MingMing (茗茗)
  • Birthdate:  October 12, 2001 (2001-10-12) (age 15)
  • Birthplace: Beijing, China
  • Bloodtype: AB
  • Hello!Project Status
    • 2013-05-27 Foreigner
    • 2013-07-28 Foreigner Graduated
    • 2013-07-28 Genki Jikan Member
    • 2013-07-28 Member
    • 2013-07-28 Member
  • Genki Jikan Color: Light Pink
  • Favorite Food: Chow mein
  • Favorite Colors: Yellow,Blue & Pink
  • Hobbies: Making Hello!Project covers & Painting
  • Looks Up To: Zheng May Ai,Guo Cuifen,Huang Ning & Suzuki Airi
  • Hello!Project Groups
    • Hello!Project Foreigners (2013)
    • Genki Jikan (2013-present)

Solo Concerts

None of these concerts were released on DVD/Blu-Ray,but Zheng uploaded them on her official YouTube channel.

  • Miniminka Fall 2010 Concert ~Seizei Ganbatte!~
  • Miniminka Spring 2011 Concert ~Ichiban no Fan!~
  • Miniminka Debut Summer 2011 Concert Tour ~Miniminka no Carnival!~
  • Miniminka Fall 2011 Concert ~Tuōyǐng'érchū de nǚhái!~
  • Miniminka Spring 2012 Concert ~Kǒuxiāngtáng jī!~
  • Miniminka Fall 2012 Concert ~Colorful PLANET~
  • Miniminka Winter 2013 Concert ~Miniminka's World~
  • Miniminka Summer 2014 Concert ~FINAL BOW~


  • Zheng already has a fanbase
  • Her concert in Budokan (Miniminka Fall 2012 Concert ~Colorful PLANET~) sold out in a matter of 3 days.
  • Her Chinese fans bring yellow pen lights to her concerts,Her Japanese fans bring blue pen lights,and other foreign fans bring pink pen lights.There are usually more Yellow pen lights at the concerts.
  • In her "Miniminka, Ask me Part 2" video,Zheng said she would want to debut in either Happy Jikan or Morning Musume.
  • All of her fans are currently making a "Congratulations Miniminka!" video for her,to celebrate her debut as a Foreigners member.
  • Her sisters only came to one of her concerts (Miniminka Spring 2011 Concert ~Ichiban no Fan!~).
  • Her younger cousins were her back dancers.

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